1. Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management is about optimizing costs and reducing risks associated to software usage.

Most organizations don’t have policies nor solutions to optimize the usage and spend of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. All organizations share the same challenge: how to avoid over- or under-licensing.
Such challenge can be a cost of up to a multimillion-Euro that can be avoided with a good Software Asset Management.

Software Asset Management best practices are described by IAITAM, the International Association of IT Asset Managers.
The most important action points across all goals for SAM include:

  • Software inventory
  • Ongoing self-audit to check compliance
  • Documentation management
  • Harvesting/redeployment of licenses

2. The Software Inventory and Compliancy Audits

Software compliance is becoming more and more an issue. Many users face difficulties managing compliancy and facing software audit.

If it is not well prepared, an audit can become a very expensive exercise. To that exercise, we can add the fact that if you are not well prepared, you lose momentum in your negotiation with the software publisher.

This service covers the following parts:

  • Identifying software and hardware assets, where are assets deployed?
    • Discovery of virtualization architecture, its impact on license
  • What is deployed and for what purposes?
    • What are the metrics applied?
    • Usage type?
    • Where is software installed and running?
  • Are we compliant?
    • Define policies to monitor and reconcile entitlements and software usage.
    • Define policies to manage documentations, to keep available all proof of purchase and certificates of authenticity for each license acquired.
    • Be prepared for audit.
  • Are the assets optimized?
    • Compare needs and usage.
    • Does all entitlements cover all needs
    • Proactively manage your assets.
      • Improve software asset lifecycle management
      • Minimize spend
      • Manage vendors and purchasing
      • Automate ITAM

3. Aphely added value

Aphely is dedicated to helping customers to setup the policies, processes, procedures and roles to optimize software assets costs and risks.

The final goal is to enable you to transform your software compliancy issue into a true opportunity to develop your business.

We address the most important Process Areas defined by IAITAM to lower costs and risks linked to software utilization, it’s about defining and implementing policies and procedures related to software lifecycle.

The tip of the iceberg is the contract and license usage pair, Aphely can help you understanding your contracts and your software usage. We collect all relevant information about your software usage and we perform a fit/gap analysis.

We are Certified Software Asset Management from the International Association of IT Asset Managers and he has an experience of years in software licensing. We already helped many customers in Luxemburg and Belgium to manage their Software Assets and reduce associated costs and risks.