In the last decade, Project Management has taken a whole new meaning to many organizations, especially those wishing to improve their performance in the current cost-constrained economy. Indeed, organizations implementing a disciplined Project Management with standard management tools. Obviously, Project Management maturity greatly varies from one company to another.

Aphely, with certified and experimented consultants, will support your program/ project management as third party needs in two distinct ways:

  1. Program/Project Management Services
  2. Portfolio Management Services

Program/Project Management Services

Aphely’s consultant, using pragmatic methodologies based on PMI, our high expertise and a transparent collaboration, supports you by:

  • Implementing project plans, managing the Project from Initiation phase through Closeout
  • Tailoring to your organizations needs as determined by the complexity, critical nature and length of the project
  • Concentrating on assembling the various pieces of the Project Plan
  • Providing Quality Project Management, Quality Project Processes, Quality Project Standards

Performance by maturity

A mature project management needs to identify quickly the reasons of project under pressure. With our experiences, we will customize our approach to detect and anticipate project or program failures. Typical topics:

  • Failure of communication
  • Scope creep
  • Lack of commitment
  • Resources
  • Parallel projects implication…

Integrated project plan

Regarding scope verification and formalized acceptance of a project, we believe no project is complete until the customer is satisfied. By managing an integrated project plan, we can clearly see what objectives have been met and what objectives still need to be completed. Additionally, we will get interim sign-offs on deliverables in order to make the formal acceptance of the projects deliverables less traumatic.

Project’s Organizational Change Management Methodology

Organizational Change Management will be applied through tried and true methods,with the use of proactive customer communication skills. Aphely’s consultant will adaptprocesses and procedures to meet yourexacting requirements. Figure below represents Projects Change Control Method. This method will be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Interfacing with and/or managing IT Team during Contract Performance

Aphely’s consultant will usePMIstandards and project management best practices. He uses several methods to manage risk & staff to achieve compliance with project and customer standards. Typical Measures used:

  • Detailed statements of work for each team
  • Project team & Customer performance reviews
  • Project guidelines, which govern communications and execution
  • Milestones management

Progress/Status Reporting

Aphely’s consultant will ensure an accurate picture of the work in progress. Typical status reporting includes:

  • Activity Status Reports
  • Time and costs to complete remaining activities
  • Risk assessments and mitigation

Portfolio Management Services

A portfolio is a collection of projects or programs grouped together to facilitate management and attainment of strategic business objectives. Theyre not necessarily related to one another but are often grouped together based on general types of projects, specific lines of business, and performance goals. Some keys of success:

  • Gather the initial portfolio information, define goals, resources and assets for portfolio
  • Link projects; goals, resources and assets
  • Define the organizations strategic resources
  • Prioritize projects according to your defined acceptance criteria
  • Examine portfolio balance
  • Develop recommendations for improving portfolio return on Investment (ROI)
  • Communicate results to organizational executives

Aphely’s consultant helps to:

  • Set up your portfolio by including projects that meet goals quickly excluding those that dont
  • Balance investments to efficiently use resources
  • Manage resources
  • Manage your project interdependencies

We will help you keep your portfolio on budget and on schedule.